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Hot Dog Retro Van

Hi everyone, not too long ago, I already posted a van selling hot dogs. This time I decided to modernize it a bit and rethink the style! Meet the hot dog van in retro style!

About the model
This time I decided to make a retro van. I think it looks more harmonious in this style, especially for selling hot dogs because of its streamlined shape. 

The car has a lot of additional functioning parts. The door of the van opens, inside of which there is a small kitchen. A window opens on the side, which also serves as a small canopy, and a wall opens downwards and becomes a small table. At the rear, the hood hatch opens so that you can safely check the condition of the vehicle's engine. 

This time, in addition to the driver and the cook, the set includes a small four-legged friend. Of course, he is allowed to ride on the front seat of the car)

I think that this set will be a great addition to your lego city, and will also look cool as a standalone set on your shelf! Thanks for your support and your attention! 

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