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Wild Kratts Tortuga 2.0


"To the creature rescue" - Martin and Chris Kratt

Join Chris, Martin, and their crew to learn all about different animals and stop the plans of Zach Varmitech. With their new and improved Tortuga, the Wild Kratts crew travel the world looking for exciting creatures to discover and learn about. But they have to watch out for Zach Varmitech, because he is always looking for animals to power his inventions.

You can find many surprises with the Tortuga including a removable top and opening panels to access the interior coplete with a monitor, work table, and a chair. Other features you can find are side ramps to fit the Createrra inside and opening mouth so you can put in a figure to pilot the ship. Along with the Tortuga, the set comes with Martin, Chris, Aviva, Koki, Jimmy, and Zach.

Accessories include:

  • Createrra
  • 2 Buzz bikes
  • Miniaturizer (with mini Chris and Martin)
  • Zachbot
  • Aviva's Extendo arm and tools
  • Jimmy's controller, hat, and pizza
  • 6 creature power discs
  • A monkey, bird, turtle, crocodile, and a bear
  • 4 wings to turn the Tortuga into flight (or under water) mode

The Tortuga itself includes about 730 pieces and the set in total is over 1,000 pieces.

This would make a very educational Lego set to anyone and inspire them to go outside and see what sort of animals they can discover. Any adventurous person would love to add this to their collection big or small.

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