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Zip-line Adventures!


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One of the highlights I remember from my childhood summers was riding on my friend's zip-line. I hope to provide a glimpse of that fun here.

Note: The physical model in the video is slightly different from the one pictured above.

My model is an adventurous family zip-line that soars over a lake. The build has many cool features, such as:
  • A fully modular base that allows the zip-line to be rearranged and placed in different positions- such between two tables!
  • A pair of chairs, campfire, and marshmallows to allow the minifigures relax after a thrilling day.
  • A fish, fishing rod, and a frog.
  • An economical 188 pieces

I also created an alternate version which has a stronger foundation (see images 4 and 5). This design is sturdier, has a lower center of gravity, and uses 234 pieces.

Thank you for your support! Feel free to post any questions, comments, or suggestions!

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