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Harley Quinn/ Mini-bats Battle


Prepare for Batman action with the Harley Quinn/ mini-bat battle. Harley Quinn has found a secret potion that has made her grow to enormous size and only Batman, Batgirl and Robin on their mini-bats can stop her. Comes with Harley Quinn, 4 mini-bats, 3 bat-hoverboards, and 3 characters. Harley Quinn has 15 points of movement including moving fingers; working roller-skates; and detachable hammer. Mini-bats have moving controls. Bat-hoverboards can be attached to the back of mini-bats. Characters are Batman, Batgirl, and Robin.

I decided to build this set because I liked my random bat-hoverboard design so I built a mini-bat for it to attach onto then came up with the idea of having 4. I added Harley Quinn to increase the play value. I think this would make a good set because Batman is popular and the mini-bats and bat-hoverboards would make a great addition to any bat-arsenal.

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