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Journey Spaceship


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Great rock bands have great spaceships, and Journey's iconic scarab logo is one of coolest!

Journey was formed in the San Francisco bay area in 1973 and by the late 70's had reached international fame and radio airplay.  The 80's saw Journey's fame skyrocket even further with albums like "Escape" and "Frontiers", and the band continues to record and tour to this day.

A futuristic-looking scarab beetle was used on many of the band's album covers, and with the cover of 1981's "Escape", the scarab spaceship was shown busting out of a planetary sphere, bound for parts unknown. This iconic album cover even inspired an Atari video game!

On many of the other album covers, the scarab sported broad, soaring, multi-colored wings, and in this model those wings can be clipped onto the sides of the ship.

The band's lineup has shifted over the years, but one constant has always remained: Guitarist Neal Schon. The included Neal Schon minifigure sports his curly locks, a sleeveless rock-and-roll shirt, and a beautiful red electric guitar.

Fly the Journey Spaceship "Any Way You Want It", and "Don't Stop Believin" in this project!  

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