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The Return of Chitty

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is the star of the 1968 fantasy film of the same name, starring Dick Van Dÿke and Sally Ann Howes. It tells the story of an inventor and his family who rescue an old, ruined racing car, turn it into something special and go on a storybook adventure. Children, parents and grandparents have all loved the film over the years - it's truly (pun intended) a film spanning generations.

So here's my original Chitty Chitty Bang Bang but this time with a difference. Chitty is a large-scale model comprising just over 2600 pieces. And just as before, she comes complete with folding wings and picnic basket and offers a wide variety of building techniques and loads of playability. But not as before, you'll notice a softer, cooler look to those shiny metal parts.

Features included:
  • Sumptuous buttoned-leather seats
  • Detailed headlamps and running lamps
  • Fold-out wings concealed inside the car's body
  • Detachable front and rear sails
  • Fuel tank under the parcel shelf
  • Wood and brass steering wheel
  • Snake horn
  • Centre-hinged bonnet, opening from both sides
  • A detailed 4-cylinder engine under the bonnet
  • Working steering
  • Removable picnic basket and picnic items

I hope you like her even more this time around and would really appreciate your support, so click that support button now! Many thanks!


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