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Dr. Brainstein's fabulous Airship


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In late 19th century the famous inventor Dr. Hieronymus Brainstein goes on a journey
of never seen dimensions. With his "Fabulous Airship" he starts to sail across the sky, to discover secret and mystic places all over the world.

The ships main engine sits in the back and powers a double rotor. The obvious two sails push the ship
forward and the wing on each side prevents everything from crushing. Oh... the pirate flag! Well I really don't know why it is just a pirate flag on the second mast. I think it just looks cool ;-)!

I always wanted to make a steampunk airship in Lego. Now I did! And I think it would make great for a Lego Ideas set because it works both: It is nice to play with it and nice for display. With "Dr. Brainstein's fabulous Airship" you can tell nearly every story you  want as long as your creativity last. There are no limits!


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