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Red Hot Car

What is it: "Red HOT" Hot Rod Car
Why did you build it: I built this as part of a mini build challenge for my students. 
Why do you believe this would make a great LEGO set: I believe this would be a wonderful Polybag LEGO IDEA set. As I don't believe there are no Polybag LEGO IDEAS set. 

Also, as a contestant on LEGO Masters US, I want to give back to LEGO who has made me happy since I was a young boy! I remember my parents unable to purchase me toy cars so I would use my LEGO pieces to make a car. LEGO allow one to use their imagination and create new things. This particular car was an idea that spawned from one of my many virtual class. My students challenged me to build a car with less than 100 pieces. Therefore I build this "RED HOT Hot Rod" car. Based off of some great custom design on the Hot Torino car. A hot rod is a classic American car with an oversized engine modified for speed. It is this powerful engine that gave the hot rod its name. The term "rod" comes from the connecting rods in the high-power, or "hot," engine.

My hope is that this design can be a polybag car. Its a fun and small design that children of all ages can enjoy!!!!

Thank you for the consideration!!!!


Corey D. Samuels
"Brothers Who Brick" Lego Masters Team

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