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A Lovely Family of Three - 3D Painting

This is a plate & tile sketch of a lovely family, embedded in a 16x16 frame. It can either stand on a table by itself, or be hung on a wall.

Unlike mosaic art work, this is more of a 3D painting style. Background scenery and foreground figures are layered to imply their relative positions.

It is just an example of its endless number of potential variations. You can change the number of persons, genders, skin colors, hairstyle, outfits and body poses, with your creative use of wedge/curved shapes.

It shows your love, care and sincere wishes to someone, depending on the occasions. In this particular design, the emotion is simple and straight forward. A family of three means that it's not complete with anyone's absence. Be a good love, a good friend and a good parent. This is one's family "TRINITY".

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