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Euri, Myth Hunter

Hi, My name is Hernando and i`m the creator of my comic book called EURI and i have been working in this for several years.
I knew about LEGO CUUSOO and i think this is a good oportunity to have some the characters of my comic with LEGO.

This project is called Myth Hunter where you can see some of the characters of the comic as Euri, Victor, Cailleach, Caos, and Federico

Euri is called a myth hunter in the story and confront myths and legends around the world. For that reason, i decided to design a old house. This is in bad conditions and a different colors with the idea to recreate the atmosphere of the comic book.

The idea is people have the option to get every charcater or all of them with the old house, this option has an aditional character that is a monster. This is possible when they choose this last option.

you can see more photos of this project in this link on flickr

thanks so much

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