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The Secret of Monkey Island - Giant Monkey Head


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After almost 35 years since the release of its first installment, Monkey Island by LucasArts is still one of the most beloved and cherished sagas in the history of videogames.

The colorful, quirky, tricky and puzzle-filled adventures of Guybrush Threepwood make a perfect candidate for a LEGO version, and what would be a better theme than one of the most iconic locations (and puzzles!) in "The Secret Of Monkey Island"? This model even features a working mechanism: the "key" to the Giant Monkey Head can actually fit inside the ear to open the mouth... the entrance to LeChuck's secret cove!

The Giant Monkey Head is both a classic adventure game enigma and a central plot point in the first great adventure of our wanna-be mighty pirate, and I really hope I can turn this project into the second... ehm, third biggest monkey head you all have ever seen!

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