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Brickheadz - Charlie the Robot and the Miner 49er


Joining Mystery Inc.'s Rogues' Gallery is Charlie the Robot and the Miner 49er!


Once programmed as a robotic assistant for the Funland amusement park, Charlie has gone haywire and threatens to tear the whole park to the ground!  Was he programmed this way, or maybe there's a ghost possessing him?  Whatever the case, Mystery Inc. will need to find a way to capture the runaway android before it's too late!


Back during the Gold Rush of 1849, many people traveled far and wide to claim a piece of the fabled gold of California.  As such, there were numerous accidents which cost many of the miners dearly.  What if one of the vengeful spirits of the miners came back, chasing off any visitor to the mines to find the last vein of gold for himself?  Enter the Miner 49er.  The Miner terrorizes the guests and residents of Gold city and the nearby mines, looking for that last vein of gold.  Will the gang be able to catch this ghastly prospector?


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