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Shipwreck Treasure

Hi everyone,

I am back with another submission! This time not based on an existing IP. It is simply what you see, a shipwreck! The twist is that I tried to focus on the ship wreck just as much as the surroundings and nature life. I do love the ocean and sea life, so I really wanted to try and recreate something along those terms. Then seeing the “rocky reef restoration” idea and how pretty builds focusing on sea life can be, I just had to try myself! Also stepping out of my comfort zone away from architecture. 
This build clocks in at a total of 2121 pieces.

Lenght: 74 cm / 29 in
Height: 41 cm / 16 in
Width: 38 cm / 15 in
weight: 1.6 kg / 56 oz

I first wanted to create a shipwreck based on the Uncharted 4 game, but I saw that it isn't allowed as an IP so I changed to a generic shipwreck. Therefore I also tried to focus on the sea life too since only a shipwreck would maybe not make a great model all by itself without the support of the IP. 
I was also inspired by minecraft a bit, since I started a new world with some friends recently and just love to loot the shipwrecks in the game. All surrounded by amazing coral reefs and sea creatures. So that is something I tried to capture to some extent in this creation too. 

One challenging thing was to try and create so many variants of sea life, both animals and plants. Especially the plants. I did want to add a lot of color to the build, thinking about the coral reefs mainly. To achieve this it took a lot of creative use of pieces in different colors, like the afro hair pieces as coral clusters. I am very happy with the different sea life I managed to cram into this build. 
Some lego sets can be very dull in color, and I myself am bad at using colors. So I challenged myself this time to try and see how many bright and lively colors I could get into this set. In the end I think it is very colorful and I am so happy that I achieved this effect. It is always fun to challenge yourself and feel like you succeeded afterwards. 
I was also afraid that it would be too much and just become a blur of colors. Which is something I thought towards the end and toned it down a little, this ended up as a really good and balanced amount in the end.

I did originally sketch this as a display piece, which it mainly is. However, from the start it also had a frame it sat on to really enhance that effect. I later wanted to add some loose segments, “island sections”, like the little rib cage skeleton with the turtles on. This is because I really like customizability, however small, to sets. So everyone gets some options on how they want to display it. Do you want to make the sea landscape very wide? Then add them to the sides. Will you place it on a shelf with limited and narrow space? Then place one in front and one behind to make it narrow and extend that way. 
One other way you really can customize this set is with the placement of the sea animals. You can move them around however you want with the trans-clear stand they all have. I have placed them as I would, but that doesn’t mean you have to! Place the turtles on the ship if you want! You maybe want the shark to be more menacing, then maybe place it with the whale skeleton. Or maybe it is lurking in the high seaweed with the jellyfish? Hiding inside the shipwreck as a surprise? You decide, as well as the divers. You can move them to where you like and pose them in whatever action you want! 
This is one thing I really like with this set. I tried to show this with moving the divers around in some images, however the animals stay in place to not make anything confusing. 

The structure is actually quite simple. I think. The center rock ridge going through the build has a 2 stud wide spine that is symmetrical. On this ridge, the ship is split into two pieces, like it sunk on top of it and split. Each end of the ship is attached to the base with a 2x6 plate to really get a good attachment surface. The rest is divided into segments that are attached to each other on rigid hinge pieces. This is to stabilize the build and not make it wobble so much. So each segment of the ship's hull is attached to each other and then just leans on top of the ridge. I also have some rock peaks sticking up on the sides to make it impossible for the ship pieces to move sideways. It is quite a simple build structure-wise, other than that, just some techniques that might not be too obvious. 

All the background images have been drawn and created by myself in Procreate on an Ipad with Apple pen, like with the rest of my submissions.

If I forgot to mention something, check the updates tab if there are any. Until we hopefully meet again,

have a nice day,

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