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Oban Star-Racers: The Whizzing Arrow 3

Ōban Star-Racers is an English-language Franco-Japanese anime series. 
I first saw this on the Jetix channel where it hooked me and gave me good memories.

The anime takes place on the planet Oban. 
On this planet, once every ten thousand years, a grandiose show is arranged - star races, the winner of which takes the main prize. 
All participants are preparing for these races, and earthlings sincerely believe in their victory. 

The Whizzing Arrow is the star-racer used by the Earth Team throughout the series. 
There were three generations of the Whizzing Arrow, all of which have been destroyed.
However, now the latest version of this ship can be admired as a LEGO set!

  • Opening cockpit glass
  • Attached chassis
  • Rotating gun turret
  • Molly (aka Eva Wei) minifigure
  • MOC of Molly's rocket seat
  • ≈775 pieces.

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