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Traction Engine with Power Functions


Here is a You Tube video of the Traction Engine in action.

I built the traction engine to work not just on its own, but also with other models which you can see in the following video. The flickering firebox effect is acheived by the use of an oscillating switch run from the main drive motor through a gear box. The steering is as accurate as I could make it, but real traction engines use chains rather than string. 

I built the Traction Engine to take to an event at a historical steam railway here in the UK and built a couple of other models to go with it, which are also in the video. Following the success of the model at this event, I have chosen to upload the model to Ideas. If you have already supported my model or would like to do so, I am very grateful for your input. 

Happy building and thank you for reading this update. 

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