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Lego Hobbit Dice Game


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Lego the hobbit board game is really the same as heroica except it has a few different rules. The dice has a side with a map. The map lets you go 4 spaces. The map also helps you in battle. You can use abilitys by rolling the map. If you are next to a chest you earn 2 gold. Abilitys can be bought and used. There is double attack that takes 2 damage on your enemy and cost 2 gold. It also uses 2 power. I will talk about power later. Triple attack takes 3 damage on your enemy, cost 3 gold, and uses 3 power. Quadruple attack dose 4 hit points on your enemy, cost 4 gold, and uses 4 power. You can tell which abilitys is which by looking at this and seeing that all the properties like 2 gold, 2 power, 2 damage go with how many spaces on the bar things. Power is used to use abilitys. Power is the green stuff on your inventory. The dice has a side with a white and red means that you go one space. If you are in a battle you will get hurt 1 and the monster will get hurt 1. If you are next to a chest it means that you get hurt 1 and you get 1 gold. On the dice it has a side with a red rectangle. That means you go 2 spaces. If you are in a battle that means you get hit 2 times. If you are next to a chest you get hit 1 times. On the dice it also has a side with 3 spaces covered. That means you go 3 spaces. If you are in a battle you hit the enemy 3 times. If your next to a chest you get 1 gold. The three trolls near the cave have 5 health. Spiders and bats have 3 health. Gold looks like a cone shape that is golden. A chest looks like a box. The cup is a Quick cup. It lets you go 3 spaces from what you rolled. The cherries are like health potion. It heals 2 hearts. The gray thing is where all the gold is stored after buying a ability. Your Quest is to collect the 3 swords. 2 to 2 players. You play as Bilbo and a Dwarf.

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