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Octonauts: The Octopod


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Octonauts is a cute British kid show, featuring a colorful cast of characters such as Captian Barnacles the bear, Peso the penguin, Kwazii the cat, Tunip the Vegimal, and much more. Because of its amazing storytelling, and the characters, believe it or not, Octonauts is my all-time favorite TV show, and that's coming from a young teen! Every single episode is totally original, funny, and educational.

This 1785 piece set contains multiple different things to play with, such as the Gup A,(The Gup A is one of the Octonaut's submarines), a coral reef, and the whole Octopod! making it a great gift for young kids... or older kids that love the show... like me. :) Create your own Octonaut adventures by finding lost treasure, helping a sick orca, or saving fish from sharks!

My latest update adds the Octopod and every single octonaut from the show including Shellington, Dashie, Tweak, Professor Inkling, and the vegimals Tunip, Grouber, Sharchini, Pikato, Codish, Tomminow, Halibeet, and Barrot! Wow, that's a lot of characters! The Gup A is not blocky anymore. The Octonauts now have smaller legs.

I hope you will consider supporting this idea so that it may become a set. Thanks for checking it out, chum!

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