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Sustainable Architecture: The Bridge House

The bridge house is one of the most interesting contemporary residential houses based on the sustainable architecture concept to design. As an interior designer, I believe that the bridge house is a good lesson model to feature a talk on how to build, live, and work in healthier buildings and communities as well as use sustainable materials in interior design. The bridge house model is built with approximately 2,996 LEGO bricks to celebrate "World Green Architecture for Communities Living on the Earth with Happiness and Healthiness."

The bridge house is inspired by Mies van der Rohe’s famous Farnsworth House, which is essentially a long rectangle enclosed in glass, and with a flat floor and roof. Based on the model, I tried to make it less glass by building one side enclosed in glass while the other side employs wood wall paneling. It shows the clarity and logic of the house structure. Low-carbon concrete is used for the supports of the house and balcony while two ends of the building cling tightly to the cliff rocks.

Based on the 59.2 cm long and 14.4 cm wide of the house, I created a layout with dividing five spaces
  • Space 1, I have a living room with a bold-colored sofa, a small square coffee table, a modern lighting fireplace, and a large TV screen,
  • Space 2, it's an open dining area with a rectangular dining table set for 4 people.
  • Space 3, it's a modern open kitchen with an I-shape design. There is a huge kitchen island that faces the door to the balcony.
  • Space 4, it's the sleeping area with a modern look and clean color furniture and closet.
  • Space 5, it's the bathroom with an open interior design style. I like the tub shower placed near the curtain wall because the person enjoys a nice view of nature while bathing.

The main facade of the house faces the river, acting as a sort of balcony that opens up toward the beautiful landscape. The exterior wall of the house is a wooden finish in clad siding that runs vertically. Here, the play of light and shadow created by the movement of the trees and plants is complemented by the lapping sound of small waves on the river. I especially love the flat roof of the house that is covered with green space to emphasize the connection to the natural environment. I also installed the water treatment systems for sewage and solar panels on it to provide power. Almost, the entire house uses sustainable energy to save the environment.

My favorite part of this model is the interior layout with the long rectangular shape of the house. Everything else is designed for maximum openness, both to the outside world and the rest of the house. I would say that this would make a great LEGO set because I believe that this model is a nice sustainable architecture and energy gift for designers and architects, as well as for people who love houses on the river. My final purpose is to show people how designers and architects build the house with eco-friendly and healthy living. I've always dreamed that I could live in a bridge house and enjoy beautiful nature and the sound of the river running. Hope you like my idea!

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