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Emma's Villa


My daughter loves to play with her Friends-sets and I love to build, mostly Creator and especially modular buildings. So obviously it was just a matter of time before a modular Friends-house had to be done. Emma was the lucky chosen one, but before I began building I asked my daughter what she thinks is the most fun to play with in a lego set. ”Kitchen and food.” was the answer. So the first thing Emma got in her new house was a large kitchen, and then the rest practically built itself :-)

The floors

The first floor is an open plan solution with a large kitchen, a dining room and a small hall with a functioning mailbox. The kitchen has lots of storage; drawers,cupboards and a fridge. The kitchen also has generous space so Emma can cook along with her best friends. After Emma & co has eaten in the dining room they can either go upstairs or outside to the garden.

The garden is a place for relaxation. Here Emma can lie down in the sunbed and read a good book or maybe water the flowers. But wait, there's more. If Emma wants to cool off on a hot summer day you just lift the floor and underneath there is a pool. You'll probably find Emmas cat Jewel here as well. She likes to sleep in the shadow from the parasol.

The second floor begins with Emmas little workshop. A desk with an sewing machine and a board on a wall and she is ready to design and create her masterpieces. Down the hall there's a small guest toilet and the living room. In the living room Emma can enjoy a good TV-show in the spacious sofa. There are a couple of paintings and a curtain here to make it feel cosy. The second floor also has three balconies, one with a sliding door.

If Emma has to choose a favorite floor it would be the third floor. The first thing you'll se when you enter the floor is the roof terrace. Here Emma can hang out with her friends and have a barbecue or just have a cold drink watching the view. Then we have the bathroom with a bathtub and a shower, so don't be surprised if it's occupied for long hours. The last room on the third floor is Emma's room. This is where Emma tries her new makeup by the vanity table while listening to Andrea's new music, or read a good book in her comfortable bed. The third floor also has en extra lodger. She is grey and small, likes to eat cheese and lives in the corner above the stairs.


  • Includes 5 mini-doll figures: Emma, mom Charlotte, dad Luis, Mia and Olivia plus Emma's cat Jewel
  • Features a modular house with a kitchen, dining room, workshop, guest toilet, living room, bathroom, bedroom, roof terrace, 3 balconies and a garden
  • Kitchen features an opening fridge with food and drinks, a kitchen island, a stove with an opening oven, sink, opening drawers and cupboards and a coffee machine.
  • Dining room features a table with 3 chairs and a sideboard
  • Workshop features a desk with a sewing machine and opening drawers, a chair and a whiteboard
  • Guest toilet features toilet, toilet paper and a small wall lamp
  • Living room features a sofa, 2 coffee tables, a flat-screen TV, small lamp, paintings and curtains.
  • Roof terrace features a barbecue, table and a stool
  • Bathroom features a bath, shower, toilet, toilet paper and a sink
  • Bedroom features a bed, vanity table with mirror, a small bookshelf filled with books, a painting, a ghettoblaster and Emma's camera
  • Garden features a vegetable patch, sunbed, parasol and a hidden pool
  • Accessories include paintings, clock, whiteboard pens, scissors, perfume bottle and beauty products, camera, ghettoblaster, cooking utensil, pan and pot, plates, fruits, drinks, cups and glasses, bottles, sausages, bucket, a mouse and an intercom

I've tried to be faithful to the style of the Friends sets, especially Emma's sets. The color, style and even some elements are recognizable from Emma's previous sets. Even though this model has lots of pieces (1 947) for a Friends set I don't think there will be any problems for the younger audience (7-12 years). There are no advanced building techniques involved, it's pretty straight forward. And when it's finished you'll get a lot of playability. As a bonus the model will also look great in your modular town. The only drawback I can see (and it's a small one) is that you have to lift off the roof/floors before you can play.

As I said before, this model has lots of playability! I know my daughter would love to play with it. Hopefully you'll think the same and support the model :-)


LDD doesn't support Friends minifigures so I've used traditional minifigures in the images. But of course it should be Friends minifigures. I don't have any guidelines of their outfits. The only thing that is important is that Emma's outfit should be unique for this model/set only.

In the images there is only one design on all paintings. This is also an LDD limitation. It should of course be different designs on all paintings.

Other textures are missing as well, e.g. the heat-meter in the barbecue grill and the coffee machine.

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