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The Coin Maze!


The penny puzzle, fun for all ages! Drop a coin in the slot on one side of the puzzle box, and then move the box in any direction to help the coin find its way through the maze and out the other side! The top of the box isn't just an interesting design, it is a key to help solve the puzzle, if you can decipher it ;-)

The first picture is an exploded view to show the maze within. The second picture shows how the set would look completed. Rebuild the set a number of different ways with your own design for the maze inside! Challenge friends and family with a time limit, if their coin doesn't make it out then you keep the money!

Clear bricks used for visual purpose only - not included. Works with standard USD pennies, nickels, and dimes (other currency not tested). Created in neutral brown tones to simulate wood, but could be produced in any color. Completed project is 268 bricks and is 16 x 16 x 2-2/3 bricks in size.

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