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Lego Motorized Merry-Go-Round Carousel


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My project is a motorised 8 horse Merry-Go-Round or fairground Carousel.

The reason for building this carousel was to see how far you could reduce the size of an internal motorised carousel, while still having the main function of 8 moving poles lifting each horse 1 brick up and 1 brick down from center.

The answer is 19 studs in diameter before the pistons clash, which is around half the diameter of the previous creator expert carousels, and about a quarter of the pieces as it is also far less detailed.

The horses are just for illustration and could be replaced with more detailed individual animals, but they have a certain basic charm representing all the colors of the rainbow to contrast with the dark body, and mini-figs can also easily sit on.

This would make a great Lego set as there are not many fairground sets, and would appeal to those looking for something in-between the very detailed expert creator sets, and the very simple Lego city sets.

There is enough internal space to replace the XL motor with a powered up motor, which would also remove the need for the additional Technic gears needed to reduce the motor speed by 9x.

I hope you enjoy the following video of my Lego Merry-go-round carousel

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