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Sytanium 4x4


using a steering mechanism, and stud shooters, this is a 4x4 car any superhero would want. so do me a favor and support this project and hopefully we can all share the fun of this car. and feel free to visit my vimeo channel for a video of how this car was designed 

 {video coming soon}.

the characters included in this set are

CX4 the cyborg: Cyprus Chrome was in a nuclear lab accident and woke up as a half human half droid cyborg. and every time he finds one of the sytanium blades he upgrades him self to become cx5.

TECHNO MAN: Tyler Smith changed from teen to sytanium droid when he found a sytanium blade. now equipped with the power of flight, super speed, super strength and a sytanium blade. hes the unstoppable super hero, with a cool car.

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