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Long Journey Home

I present to you my Lego medieval-style build called Long Journey Home.  The idea behind this  is a couple of knights returning home from a battle wounded and bloody. The story behind the this creation is that the knights accompanied their lord to what should have been a peace deal, but instead it turned into a battle with very few survivors. These two have been away from home for over a year and were lucky to survive, although they did win! On their journey home, they pass a medieval homestead where they are greeted by the local villagers, who are happy to see them return.
I chose to build this because I am fascinated by the past, especially the medieval period. For me, building scenes from the past in Lego is a way to connect with history and to better understand the experiences of the people living in those times. I like combining research into actual historical buildings, with what exists in my imagination, and seeing it come to life. 

This would be perfect for other Lego enthusiasts, of all ages, and would fit in perfectly with anyone’s medieval-style Lego setups. My own daughter’s bedroom is knights, castles and dragons themed and I can’t wait for the moment that she is old enough to both build and play with this set. What child or adult doesn’t want to be a knight, to defend the realm and come back victorious?

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