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Pizza Margherita


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Pizza is the best known and most popular food in the world. Every nation, city, population has developed its own variant, but the Margherita pizza is the one that contributed to giving life to all of this. It is the queen of pizzas, invented almost 200 years ago, simple, but perfect. Oil, tomato, mozzarella and basil leaves, all in perfect balance. Cooked in a wood oven, a soft cornice, in some places even a little burnt, to be eaten cut into four parts and each clove folded and eaten with your hands. Yes, with your hands, because everything must be perfect, the color, the smell and even the consistency. You have to involve sight, smell, taste and even touch to fully appreciate it.
This pizza is part of the culture and tradition in which I grew up, so I made this 1:1 scale model, with a slice ready to be bitten, to share these sensations with all of you…. watch out for the hot dripping mozzarella thread. Enjoy your meal.
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