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The Cheese Van


Fromage! The Cheese Van was inspired by my latest trip to Paris. The traffic was so heavy there, that these delivery vans had to use skill and patience. Meet Calvino of Calvino’s Cheese Delivery. Calvino provides the best Italian cheeses to his Paris neighborhood. He delivers so much cheese that he needs a dolly (hand cart) to move his product around. Calvino is well dressed as his minifig shows. He has to keep up appearances for his customers! His shiny white van is his pride and joy. It’s sealed up so well that passers by won’t even get a whiff of his stinky Talegio, Limburger or Munster cheeses.

The Cheese Van set uses common bricks that can be used over and over in other sets. It also contains popular white-colored bricks which can easily be used to create other types of vehicles like trucks or sedans. The Cheese Van can go well with any of the Lego City or Creator sets and with anyone’s collection of city of modular buildings. What neighborhood doesn’t need a cheese van?

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