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Tintin BrickHeadz

A simple BrickHeadz of Tintin holding a toy rocket. The model is of cause heavily inspired by existing Lego BrickHeadz (I used Marty McFly as a base).

I believe the most important part of the model is the hair curl. I have tried dosens of things, but settled on this. I'm sure there are other great ways of achieving this.

It could be accompanied by Snowy (Milou), Haddoc, or Calculus, but of cause Tintin is the most important :)

I see that there has been other Tintin BrickHeadz in the past so a shout-out to them. The most important thing is that we get one as I think Tintin is a classic! I designed it in BrickLink Studio but I also ordered some new bricks and build it.

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