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Thunderbirds - Thunderbirds 1-5 and The Mole set

Created in 1965 by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, Thunderbirds followed the adventures of International Rescue, a secret humanitarian organisation, headed by Jeff Tracy alongside his sons, Scott, Virgil, Alan, Gordon and John, with tech genius Brains. They and their fleet of super-advanced vehicles, the Thunderbirds, helped save lives from freak disasters and extraordinary accidents, Whilst avoiding having their secrets stolen by The Hood, a criminal mastermind with mystical powers. This year Thunderbirds celebrates its 50th anniversary, and this LEGO Ideas project is my part of the celebration.

This set is intended to represent the the 5 main Thunderbirds and The Mole, all in scale with one another. It would include one of each Thunderbird, and a set of pods for Thunderbird 2, and switchable pieces to represent it with the legs deployed to reveal the pod. The set as depicted is 541 Pieces, however this is due to the limitations of LEGO Digital Designer, and would actually total 378 Pieces:

  • Thunderbird 1 - 15 Pieces
  • Thunderbird 2 - 84 Pieces (Without Pod), Legs add 19 Pieces
  • Thunderbird 3 - 53 Pieces
  • Thunderbird 4 - 4 Pieces
  • Thunderbird 5 - 66 Pieces
  • The Mole  - 5 Pieces
  • Each Pod - 22 Pieces

Thunderbirds Are Go!

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