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Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends


This sets features the whimsical and funny characters aswell backdrops from the cartoon network series that ran from 2004 to 2009. it has Details including trees and foliage around the house and plenty to enjoy all round.


Bloo- bloo is macs best friend and while he shows up to fosters home a resistant he learns to love it and enjoy every day with new and crazy mishaps

Mac-Mac is a adventureful but kind and caring kid who will never leave Bloo or anyone else behind

Franke-Franke or miss Francis to some is the granddaughter of miss foster who works to help keep fosters moving along

Mr. Herriman-Mr. Herriman's job is to ensure the stability and orderliness of fosters home for imaginary children

Wilt-wilt a kindhearted and tall friend always tries to help keep everyone out of trouble wheater it be Eduardo or Coco.

Eduardo-a big but shy creature Eduardo always gets into some sort of chaos but the rest of fosters will always figure it out

Coco-a mixture of a bird no a plane no a well everything? coco never fails to say the wrong thing

Why I think fosters should become a set?
I think the wonderful world and characters would make a vibrant and wonderful set for anyone to enjoy playing or displaying for years to come.

Lego model with mainly brick built figures not to be considered minifigures.

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