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Office Supply Astromech Desk Assistant


When your desk space needs saving!

The office supply astro mech assistant is the perfect desk buddy! It comes with 9 features - (7 work features and 2 play features listed below) there are a total of 3 compartments - 1 being secret compartment on the head, 1 inside the droid, 1 in front of the droid. On top of this there is a large back compartment. Press the back of the astro mech and it turns into a flash light! Press the other button and hear beeping droid noises! Bring out the business card holder and pen holder at the back of the droid’s head and place your card on top of the droid and hold one pen! Open the back compartment and see another hidden compartment where you can store different kinds of office supplies! Such as sharpeners, USBs, rubber bands and stapler bullets inside! Pull out the front compartment to reveal the paperclip tray! It’s hidden well that you can even hide a note in it.

The office astro mech comes in space gray to suit your office’s corporate attire. You can build and attach a bowtie if your company policy requires it.

Features: (see pictures)

Work features:
1.) Paperclip tray

2.) Flash light (color red)
3.) Retractable business card/ name holder
4.) Mini front compartment and secret compartment (for stapler bullets or small objects like push pins)
5.) multi use compartment - storage for small objects such as sharpeners or USBs!
6.) Paper weight
7.) Retractable pen holder that holds 1 pen!

Play features:

8.) Press the button and it beeps like a droid
9.) Head swivels and the body tilts, the central feet also adjusts up and down!

This is perfect for those who love Star Wars, as well as those who love working!
The ideal gift for your co-workers, especially those who can’t stop talking about the new Star Wars movie.

Office supplies not included, they are in the pictures there to show what you can place in the compartments! This set is inspired by the concept of the 40154 pencil pot set, but designed for fans of both Lego and Star Wars. Design stylings of the astro mech are inspired by the BrickHeadz style series of Lego. (pen, paper clips, push pins, rubber bands, USBs, stapler bullets are not included). 
Business card is personal, so I own the logo on the card.

Set Includes:
1 set of Office supply astro mech desk assistant, light and sound brick included.

Q:Is this R2D2?

A: No. but it’s based on the same model and color scheme. R2D2 is out saving the galaxy, this droid on the other hand saves your desk from the evil forces of clutter!

Q:Can it be R2D2? because I like R2D2 more.
A: Sure, just change the color to white, i don’t really have that much white bricks, so i made it space gray. Besides, droids placed in office spaces need to be in corporate attire. 

Q:Does it come with the office supplies?
A: No. it’s more of a holder like official pencil pot lego set: 40154. However, this set comes with a bowtie.

Q:Is this set for kids or just for adults with jobs?
A: It’s primarily aimed for adults or teens that use a desk. But can be played by younger children - just make sure there are no office supplies in the set. 

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