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Lego Castle Wintderlands. The Shadow Lair.


Prepare to escape the dark lords Shadow Lair! The Winterland Knights have traveled to the border, where their snowy lands meet the realms of shadow.

Can you escape this dastardly castle of sorcery and terror? Sneak out of the dungeon and evade the traps as you make your way though this dark stronghold!


In the spirit of the classic Lego castles of old, this set has a list of fantastic features!

Trap door to the spider pit.

Hidden potion behind the sliding fireplace.

Falling skulls!

Hinged dungeon section.

Sorcery tower, with telescope.

Study with magic potions and other accessories.

Treasure chest, and may other play features!

2 horses, 1 skeleton, 7 minifigures.

844 pieces.

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