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Lego Pirates The Bluecoats Sea Side Outpost


About This Project

This project is the Bluecoats seaside outpost where they keep guard over the local trade routes and try and keep the pirates in check. The outpost has a small jail for holding any prisoners. It is also located atop a small cave which is home to a crocodile. Up the stairs is the first guard on duty and a stud shooter which can spin 360 degrees. Continuing up the stairs is the first floor with the jail and some storage for food and hand cuffs. The jail cell has a wall section that can be pulled out so the prisoner can escape. Then to get to the second floor is a ladder on the backside. The second floor has the crane for bringing goods up and other supplies. Beside that is a cannon that isn't fasten down so they can move it or even take it right out if they need it somewhere else. Also on the second floor is the captain's quarters. Then there is another ladder to reach the top floor which is a cannon tower with a cannon that can spin 360 degrees and the flag post.

Play Features:

  • Working crane.
  • Cannon that can spin 360 degrees.
  • Other cannon can be moved or even removed if wanted.
  • Stud shooter that can spin 360 degrees.
  • Cannons can fire.
  • Jail cell door opens/closes.
  • Jail has a wall section that can be removed so the prisoner can escape.


  • Four minifigures.(three bluecoats and one pirate).
  • A crocodile and a frog.
  • A rowboat with oars and stud shooter.
  • Minifigure accessories like swords, hand cuffs, bread, a bottle, a cup, a rifle, pistols, boat oars, and some treasure.
  • Two cannons.(one that can be removed if wanted).
  • Two stud shooters with studs.

This is my second Lego pirate themed set. This is my Bluecoats answer to the pirates shipwreck island. If you like this project please support and share thank you.

Thank you for your support

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