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Wasteland Wanderers


About This Project:

This set idea is of a group of wanderers in their custom truck exploring the wasteland. The set would include the truck and the section of wasteland to display the vehicle on. The wasteland section has some details on it like various vegetation, some animal life, some falling apart telephone poles, a half buried crashed car, and a guy peeking out of his secret underground hideout. The wanderers like to explore the wasteland for artifacts and to help anyone that might need it that they come across. There is seating for four minifigures easily inside the truck. There is some tools stored in the truck in case they need them for clearing the road or for fixing something. 

Play Features:

  • All the doors on the truck can open and close.
  • There are two sections of roof on the truck that can be opened for access inside.
  • The truck's front tires can be turned like a real vehicle.
  • The door to the underground hideout can open and close.


  • Four minifigures.
  • Two scorpions and a snake.
  • A couple minfigure accessories that are pictured.

If you like this set idea please support and follow. Thank you very much for your time and support.

Happy Building.


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