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Assembly Aircraft Company XB-1013 Pharaoh

Hey LEGO fans! (There's no Hieroglyphics on Google Translate) Anyway, remember that 8-winged space fighter I mentioned in one of my previous projects? Well I finally got around to building it last week. I just figured out how the wings would work and the rest simply fell into place. I hope you like it. Yes, I realize it looks a little like something from Star Wars but it's not, I checked. I decided not to write an LU-based back-story for this so that you could use your own imagination more freely.

Armaments: 2 Heavy Particle Accelerators, 2 fixed and 2 rotating Plasma Cannons, 4 air-to ground Neutrino Guns on movable turrets, 14 Defensive Mini-Turrets.

Payload: 2 HyperMass Gravity Bombs

Power-plant: 2 Supercharged ForceJet engines capable of 0.6 AU/hr (That's like going from here to the moon in 30 seconds [28800000 mph])

Ok, so I made that up.

Just like in modern military helicopters, the gunner's position is in front of the pilot's, allowing him to better see his target.

I must ask, as i always do that you please leave some sort of comment especially if you support. I want your input and opinions. Tell me what you like. Tell me about your projects. Say anything!

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