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Fishing and Trekking

People love nature, and since i was very little boy I love the nature as well, I love trekking in the forest, watching the animals, sitting at the lake and fishing with my father, or just throwing small pubbles into the water.

The frogs were croaking, the ducks were quacking, sometimes the fishes came up to the water's surface to catch their smaller preys. Sometimes the silence of the forest has been broken by deer roaring, while the birds were chirping. It was really amazing and anytime I take a tour to the nature, I always feel i am calm down totally.

Only you and the nature.

The set consists of 2200 pieces totally with 1 minifigure (the trekker & fisherman) and it can be built in two different way, the first is a lake where you can fishing, the second is a part of a forest with a hunting stand (outlook).

Please support my idea if you like it and help me to get support from others too!
Thank you so much!

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