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Lisbon Tram


If you want to see a detailed review of this creation, then you can check out my funny stop motion animation over here: 

The vehicle has an overall color scheme of yellow and white, resembling the iconic Portuguese tram.

Every city needs good public transportation systems, and trams are no exception. But why would you need a modern, sleek-looking tram, when you can have this vintage, old-school one?

The Lisbon tram has the following features:

  • it has plenty of seats inside for mini figures;
  • there is also a seat on each end for the driver ( together with a steering wheel );
  • four entries into the tram, which have small staircases and bars which mini figures can hold onto;
  • the roof has a black tile on each end ( where the name of a certain street would be written );
  • a movable rod on the roof, which in real life would connect to the city's electricity cables in order to work;
  • and many windows throughout.

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