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Lego Classic Chess


Lego Classic Chess

Chess, probably the best known board game in the world. I would like to propose my version of it made of Lego bricks. The set is to refer to the typical form of box chess.

I paid particular attention to chess figures to make reference to classic and tournament shapes. The chessboard is built in such a way that it consists of a box in which all the elements of the set are stored. The only element that must be mounted after the chessboard is unfolded are four legs.

The chessboard is decorated with an ornament that consists of about 290 bricks. You can compose many other, different, equally interesting and beautiful patterns. Everyone can decorate his chessboard according to his own taste and aesthetics, using only the same blocks all the time.

The set also contains 32 elements of checkers, 16 in red and 16 in blue.

Chessboard dimensions:
32 cm x 32 cm x 4.5 cm (ready to play)
32 cm x 16 cm x 9 cm (closed, box)

Height of chess pieces:
3.8 cm (pawn) to 7.4 cm (king)

The set consists of 1430 blocks.

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