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Ninja Turtles Tank


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I was looking online for Ninja Turtles vehicles and found a trike covered by a turtle shell. I tried to copy it with Lego but it sort off turned in to this tank. It seems to work great, the perfect length for caterpillar tracks (the small version). Underneath I built a pizza launcher and I added to flik missiles on top. The rocket can be taken of, yet can't be fired.

The Ninja turtles in this set are Donatello in the rear, the inventor of all the crazy vehicles and in the front Raphael (the basher). It might look a little fragile, but I used regular tumbler bricks and then the slanted parts are locked in by other bricks. The corners can fold out to reveal cool items. The bright green parts can become translucent parts, Pov-Ray doesn't like those parts so I didn't ad those in yet.

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