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The Kiss


This is a kinetic sculpture of a kiss, that I love to see as a little carillon.

The idea is simple, you just have to turn the lever and the sculpture will do the rest: it will bring the two lovers from loneliness to love, through a walk, then they will hold hands and finally the kiss.

You can also use an Electric Motor, there are two different ratio to guarantee the correct speed in both case.

Personally I love the idea that just turning a little lever the sculpture is able to do different things: move the characters, move their arms, their body and also her head without any other switch or lever, with precision (with is extremely necessary to be able to go back). Also going back is simple: only at first you have to stop their body just like in the video.

So, if also you want to have this sculpture in your home to use in case of love just support me. 


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