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LK Lander now has it's own set!

The LK Lander is now part of it's own set, and includes the Lunokhod and a highly decorative baseplate. Please go check it out and vote, vote, vote!


LK Lander in separate set

Around New Years I'll be submitting a new set. This set will have the LK lander, the Lunokhod rover, and a display base (I'm especially proud of the display base, I'm sure you all will enjoy it). The LK lander in the new set will be virtually the same with some minor details changed, among them the deletion of the "hoola-hoop," that bright orange thing around the moonwalker Leonov (that piece is too cumbersome, is NOT where it should be on the model, and doesn't even look like the real thing). Anyway, I hope you'll all enjoy seeing it, and here's a sneak peek of the progress so far!

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