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LEGO Modular Mall


Welcome to the LEGO Modular Mall! The Grand Emporium (Set No. 10211) represented the good old days, now it's time for the new Modular Mall, which offers contemporary and modern architecture and diversity in terms of shopping. The Modular Mall is spread over three floors and includes three shops, a bar and a restaurant.

On the first floor, it's a flower shop, which has much to offer: Flowers and plants of all colors, shapes and sizes in a colorful and wonderfully scented environment. Beside the flower shop, there's an antique shop, which also offers current jewelry and accessories in addition to beautiful props from the past.

On the second floor: A bookstore, which not only invites you to buy interesting and worth knowing books, you can reading them right there - in a comfortable atmosphere with a beautiful view from the second floor. Beside the bookstore, there's the most famous bar in town. In a beautiful and welcoming atmosphere, you can enjoy a cold drink - of course non-alcoholic - before you go up the stairs one floor higher to the stunning restaurant.

The restaurant is a Pizzeria and at the top of the Modular Mall. Once there, you will enjoy a wonderful view over the whole city and also watch the activities in the lower floors of the remarkably and unique Modular Mall.


  • 2'038 Pieces
  • Three Floors
  • 1 Bar, 1 Restaurant, 3 Shops
  • complies with all requirements of original LEGO Modular Buildings

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