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3D Schroder Staircase


The Schröder Staircase is an optical illusion showing a drawing of a staircase that may be perceived as leading downwards from left to right or leading upwards, depending on the perception of the individual at any given time. It is named after the German natural scientist Heinrich G. F. Schröder, who published it in 1858. This illusion is also seen in another Escher's work, "Relativity".

In 2020, Japanese Professor of Engineering Dr. Kokichi Sugihara created a 3D model of a Schröder Staircase. It won first prize in the 2020 Best Illusion of The Year Contest. Here (hopefully for the first time) is presented a design somewhat adapted from Sugihara’s model in LEGO. The illusion can be seen in action by reference to the video above.

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