Product Idea

The A-Team - BA's Van

My sincere apologies for entry number 999 on this theme. As I built this vehicle already anyway and LEGO opened up the A-Team collection with the Dimensions set, I figured this is the time to enter. Given that the first episode appeared on TV around 35 years ago, most of us who watched this first hand will now be 40+ and collecting!

It still is my favourite TV series of all times and I can watch this over and over again. The van was one of the (many) reasons as that vehicle made such a robust impression! When LEGO first introduced the 'square mud guard' in black a while ago, I immediately imagined this to be part of the front end of my van. Therefore I started building it.

Here it is. I always liked the Model Team range and have many of them in my collection. So I tried to keep BA's van in scale with those vehicles. I added steering as most larger sets back in the day had it and I loved it; it made the models so much more realistic. As my interest focusses on vehicles more than figures, I have not added any. Coincidentally, the large classic Technic figures fit perfectly! Too bad none of them look like BA. Instead there is a tool set in the back to create amazing machines when trapped inside a barn.

Happy building!