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Cake Ring Gift Box

This is a cake ring gift box that carries happiness and makes people feel full of love.

The original design concept came from a small piece of work on my YouTube channel. Please refer to the video file for details. The appearance of my work at the beginning is a moon. By rotating and the moon will open, and then it will appear a girl named Chang’e. In a legendary story of Eastern culture, Chang’e flied to the moon.

By constantly thinking, how to make my work more perfect? So I added a lifting mechanism, this made the thing contained inside will rise and fall. However, I originally wanted to design a Christmas surprise box, but there wasn't enough space in the box that I wanted to stuff a Santa Claus. Although I can't execute this idea, but it also opened up another idea for me. So that’s how a LEGO set related to marriage proposal was born.

The appearance of the ring box was based on the theme of White Day. White represents immaculate and sincere emotion, and with the embellishment of safflower, the appearance is more hopeful and sweet. On the side of the box, there have two push buttons to that the mechanism rotate and rise more easily.
And inside the box, I specially designed a place where I could put the ring well.

I used to share my work with my friends, and then she told me that the work looked like a birthday cake. After listening to it, I also thought, how can it be such a coincidence. After looking at each other, we all laughed out loud.

This ring gift box isn't just for passing  on love, it also symbolizes that two people can spend the future together, whether it is good or bad, rich or poor, healthy or sick, etc., they will cherish and love each other forever. This ring gift box is suitable for confessions and marriage proposals. It is very meaningful to use the Lego set you have built to practice your own happiness. I hope everyone who supports this LEGO set will obtain happiness.

Thank you for reading the introduction of my work, and hope you will support this Lego set.

PS: I've asked my friends for advice on how I should match colors. Her answer was: red base with white or black base with gold. Because I didn't have enough LEGO parts, so I can’t put this into practice. But I still hope that everyone will support my LEGO set, because if it is really successful, I'll share my friend's opinion with The LEGO Company so that the company can change the color as my friend suggests. I also hope that everyone could give me some suggestions for color matching! I'll sort out everyone’s favorite colorways and let the company know.

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