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Pneumatic Organizer


Thank you for viewing my creation!

This is a fully-functional Lego pneumatic desk organizer!  It has a total (but not limited to) of three drawers, two of which are completely hidden when covered by the overlay.  This very simple yet complicated MOC is made up of approx. 700 pieces and weighs about 4 pounds!  With all of the space open at the top, the customization for this thing is ENDLESS.  Mine has a separate drawer with minifigure stand, as well as a holder for my Ipod.  I think that this would make a great set because of it's great look, functionality and arrangement of pieces.  This looks great from anywhere in the house, not just from the desk!  


  • Approx. 700 pieces total
  • Weight of 4.3 pounds
  • Full ability to customize
  • Great clean, sleek look looks good at any desk, kitchen, or table
  • Proves Lego is great for other things besides play toys!
  • Perfectly sized holder for Ipods (I have made very similar and strong stands for most recent Iphones)
  • Lego Pneumatic strength is unmatched by any other Lego Linear or improvised Actuator. 

If you like this idea, check out my others and look me up on YouTube!  

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