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The Quadcycle & Mech Battle


Sound the alarm! Darkbyte and his robots are rampaging through the city in his mech! Send out the ElectroTwins on their Quadcycles to stop the villian. Activate the hover feature to get to the scene even faster and take Darkbyte by surprise. Watch out for the mech's axe and stud shooters. Use your own stud shooters to take it out. Once you take the mech out, grab the weapons and fight the Darkbyte and his robots face to face.

This idea consists of 646 lego bricks. The gold quadcycle has 154 bricks, the silver quadcycle has 151 bricks, the mech has 294 bricks, and the minifgures and weapons have 47 bricks total. The mech is made of titanium metallic and transparent bright orange bricks. The gold quadcycle is made of gold, black, and transparent red bricks. The silver quadcycle is made of silver, white, and transparent blue bricks. Turn the gear on the back of the Quadcycles and the six stud shooter in the front will fire. To put them into hover mode, simply turn each wheel and its connector piece 90˚.

Photo 1: The minifigures and vehicles.

Photo 2: The ElectroTiwns on their Quadcycles, and Darkbyte in his mech.

Photos 3 - 6: The Quadcycles, in driving mode, from four angles.

Photos 7 - 10: The mech from different angles.

Photos 11 - 14: The Quadcycles in hover mode.

Photo 15: The minifigures (Left to right: Teresa Tersin aka Electro Twin #1, Tim Tersin aka Electro Twin #2, Darkbyte, robot #1, and robot #2)

Photo 16: Top view of the mech and Quadcycles.


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