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Pirate Compound


Welcome to the highly fortified pirate compound, the perfect hide away for a heavily armed outlaw. 

It includes several main building 

The lookout tower and prison​ with

  • Stairs from the courtyard
  • The golden pirate banner
  • At brick built prison door with a keyhole
  • A royal gaurd hostage 
  • And a rat

The gunning platform with

  • Two cannons 
  • And stairs to the courtyard

The main entrance with

  • Wooden doors with iron renforcement 

The blacksmith with

  • an anvil
  • Tool shelves
  • And a forge

The main meeting house with

  • A table with maps, bottles and food
  • A side table with three goblets
  • And a treasure room with piles of gold and a chest of jewels

And finally The captains quarters with

  • A staircase from the courtyard 
  • A wood stove with a roaring fire
  • A ladder to the sleeping loft
  • A brick built bed
  • A side table with a bottle and glass
  • And a chest of drawers 

Some of the building techniques are rather unconventional but work well and most importantly don't use non-LEGO pieces. 

Thanks for taking a look at my pirate compound project and if you like it please support and follow. Feel free to leave constructive comments (no pun intended) and ideas for updates. 

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