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Grand Sensei Dareth's Mojo Dojo

This is Dareth's Mojo Dojo if you have seen Ninjago you will know what it is (its a dojo owned by Dareth) (the one and only brown ninja).
You can also take the set apart for play features. There are no minifigures in the Images but if I added them they would most likely by Dareth, Young Lloyd and a Stone Warrior.
  • On the very bottom floor you have some boxing bags a trophy stand and a table with wooden planks on it were Dareth basically broke his hand.
  • On the second floor you have Dareths bar (Laughy's) which has a pool table a bar and a karaoke stand.
  • On the very top floor you have a billboard and a ladder going up to it.
This is one of my first projects so is not amazing. I think it would make a great set since there has never been a set were Dareth is one of the main minifigures (not including the polybag).

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