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Iron Man - Hall of Armour

The Hall of Armour is built based on the trailers and set images of Iron Man 3 that I gathered from the Internet. I believe it is the desire of many of us LEGO Marvel fans that we can put up a decent Hall of Armour together with all Mark I to VII. I have selectively removed the staircase next to the central podium to keep a clean feel of the set.

The Hall specially features:
- 7 display cases
- 2 articulated mechanical robots
- 5 desks with 2 SP players, armors and tools
- Desk with computer monitor, arc reactor core ("Proof that Tony Stark has a heart") and mug
- Jarvis (Computer mainframe)
- Crates, shelves and other workshop items
- 3 minifigures (Tony Stark, Pepper Potts and Happy Hogan)
- 7 suits of Armour (I know, I don't have Mark I to IV here, so let's wish LEGO makes them!)

More photos are available here:

Hope you like it~

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