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The Mount Washington Cog Railway

All aboard!
This is the Mount Washington Cog Railway, the world's first ever mountain-climbing cog railway! As the name suggests, there is a gear on the locomotive's drive axle that connects with a gear rack on the tracks to prevent the train from falling backwards down the mountain, which is what makes this train so unique.
The train pushes a passenger carriage at an astonishing 5 mph up the mountain for patrons to enjoy the astounding view.

I have added every possible detail to this model, from the slanted front to the angled, adjustable seats. I decided to build this model after going on this train in real life and feeling inspired by its unique design aspects.

This is the perfect set for any train lover to add to their collection! With its unconventional design and uncommon appearance, it is certain to make quite a presence on any display.

Piece count: 2037

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