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 This is a model of the Arduino Uno. (If you don't already know what Arduino is, click the link: The real Arduino Uno can be used for many cool, electronic projects. The real arduino takes programing in order to control things connected to it.) This model was built on LDD (Lego Digital Designer). I tried to replicate the real circuit board. My model doesn't do anything that the real board does because it's made of Legos. My model has many special pieces. I think this model would be great for fans of Arduino. think it wouldn't be hard for Lego to get a license (if needed) from Arduino because Arduino is open-source. The model has most of the main features of the Arduino Uno. The model includes the following:

  • Arduino logo (in white)
  • Atmega328P
  • USB port
  • power port
  • reset button
  • digital pins
  • analog pins
  • bright bluish green color

I think the model could be used for:

  • decoration
  • taking apart for the special pieces
  • using the pieces to make other Arduino boards 
  • maybe for adding to other Lego models

 I hope you like it! If you have any suggestions or comments please post them in the comments. I may post updates in the future. Happy building!

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